VoxPilot interface VXML et SIP

Toujours en avance, story VoxPilot propose une vraie interface intégrant les derniers standards.

Industry leading VoiceXML Media Server paves the way with standardized interaction between SIP Application Server and VoiceXML-controlled Media Resource Function

Dublin, healing Ireland, April 18, 2007 – Voxpilot announces that with the recent release of Open Media Platform 3.1 the Voxpilot VoiceXML Media Server fully supports the open standards SIP-VoiceXML interface draft document.

The IETF « SIP Interface to VoiceXML Media Services » (draft-burke-vxml) specification aims to standardize the interworking of two popular technologies that enable the delivery of interactive media applications on modern voice- and video-over-IP networks. The specification allows developers to create advanced, interoperable applications which combine call routing functionality at the application server with interactive media at the media server, and encourages the use of elegant programming models such as SIP and HTTP servlets. The specification is also a boon for network equipment customers who can choose the most suitable vendors for particular components of their network yet still be assured of interoperability.

In addition, Voxpilot has recently added valuable functionality to the platform including: support for Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech in video calls, RTSP streaming server support allowing for applications such as mobile TV and security/surveillance, and a Video Processor Module which provides scrolling text, image, and audio overlay. These and other features allow the Voxpilot VoiceXML Media Server be the Media Resource Function (MRF) in IMS architectures providing advanced Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR).

”We are proud of the work done by our development team in making the Voxpilot Open Media Platform an industry leading product. » said Gilles Meyer, CEO of Voxpilot. “We continue to meet our goals for providing standards based technologies with advanced functionality.”

“BEA is a leader in providing SIP service infrastructure and Voxpilot continues to show leadership in media standards as well as media technologies,” said Mike McHugh, vice president and general manager, BEA WebLogic Communications Platform, BEA Systems. “The combination of BEA infrastructure and Voxpilot’s standards-based VoiceXML technology is a powerful platform for media-rich applications.”

Voxpilot technologies are also deployed as stand alone IVVR in fixed, mobile and IP networks, as PBX/ACD IVR service nodes, and for speech enabling multimodal applications. Application developers are welcome to try the Voxpilot VoiceXML Media Server by downloading the software at http://extranet.voxpilot.com/evaluation

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